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September 27, 2008

Sitting at the hairdresser getting my hair done for the party I’m going to, we talk about England. Both me and the hairdresser have lived there for some years.

-If you take ten English girls and line them up, nine of them will be dead ugly and one of them will be good looking, the hairdresser says.
-If you on the other hand take ten Swedish girls and line them up, nine of them will be beautiful and one of them will be average, he continues.

Well what can I say?

A taste of UK (or the class A twat blog)

September 4, 2008

I’m recruiting my very own assistant at the moment and one of the candidates I interviewed have worked and lived in the UK for a couple of years, and when I asked why she decided to move back to Sweden she answered:

-Sometimes you just want to have a bath without the trouble of having hot water, or any water at all!

I told her I knew what she meant since I just moved back from the lovely Kingdom that we Swedes like to call “one of the riches developing countries in the world”.

I might recruit her. I know she can handle stress and difficult situations, she lived in the UK! There is nothing more stressful then that. I’ve been there. We could talk about carpets, damp, cheques and the hosepipe ban on our lunch break and other stuff that we don’t miss, and of course about the stuff we do miss.

After the interview I got back to my desk and found a new e-mail from my ex (English) boss. His e-mail started with “hello darling”, followed by “a class A twat” and ended with “much love”. You need to be an Englishman to write a masterpiece like that. I want more e-mails starting with darling and ending with much love. Swedes don’t write like that. We start with Hej and end with //Lisa.

Later that evening I called my friend Liz in London but I couldn’t get through to her so I sent her a text. She replied 10 minutes later: “Try again. Was in tube.” I smiled. Of course mobiles don’t work in the tube in London. I was calling her from the tube by the way. But I on the other hand live in Sweden.

I called Liz to thank her for the packet she sent me containing Tampax compact, Day Nurse and Strepsils. I can’t get it in Sweden, there is no Boots here. I can now have a cold and my period. Great, looking forward to it..!