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Does size matter?

March 21, 2010

I’ve now been back in Sweden for two years, and I’ll have to stop telling people I’ve just moved back.

And life is that paradise I was dreaming of when I wasn’t living here. Sweden is the best country you can live in. It’s a fact. And being back, having lived in a grey, dirty, dysfunctional (but oh so lovely) country, I appreciate everything Sweden has to offer. I’m like tourist on drugs; I can’t stop raving about this fantastic country.

But… Stockholm is such a small city. 1 000 000 people share this city with me, which includes the people in the suburbs as well.

I don’t have a travel pass, as I can walk everywhere I want to go. That’s the size of the capital city of Sweden!

And I walk around this heavenly paradise thinking there is something missing, something I’m not sure Sweden can offer me. It could be Boots I’m thinking of, or fox hunting and men in red cord trousers. But then I feel it goes a bit beyond that. It’s hard to put your finger on it.

I’ve just been to London and when I was walking down a very sunny Brompton Road with a strawberry and cream frappuccino from Starbucks in my hand (another thing I can’t get in Sweden), sunglasses on, I had a very content feeling bubbling inside of me. The sun once again melted my very cold, frozen Scandinavian winter soul.

-Would it be weird if I moved back to London cos of the weather? I asked my ex neighbour later that evening, when we stood outside on the balcony of my hotel suite, counting Porsches.

I realise the slight humour in this, since England is the land of rain. But the thought has certainly occurred to me last couple of weeks. And when England delivers only the best, it’s so hard to remember why I choose to move away from it all.

I mean to be in a suite in a five star hotel with your friends, drinking Champagne and eating canapés, life feels rather good. And with Mr double-barrel surname talking poshish in my ear, it’s so easy to just want to move back.

But everyday life in England is not a hotel suite in a five star hotel in London. Everyday life in England is more like a slush puppy and a bag of crisps. I must try to remember that.

Did someone say Paris?