Dear people, tonight I´m going to look so good, I´m heading out with my best friend J and everything is at it´s best. Tonight I´ll be sharing thoughts of the day “tankar för dagen” as we say in Sweden. Imagine you had the possibility to express the most profound meaning and everything you had experienced so far in life and put it in to one sentence, or a few, for five minutes, What would you say? Probably you would try to think of something meaningful to express something you would consider valuable to everyone else in the world, or something that would sound meaningful in the ears of others. Wouldn´t you? Oh yes you would. But what if there was nothing I could say that would change anything for you? What if your path was already decided. Then all my efforts to transfer any thoughts of the day to you would be pointless? Would it not?
What if any discussions with friends and any chats whit therapists was in vain? Imagine that life just has it´s course and all you need to do is tag along, That´s what I think.

One Response to “Pointless”

  1. fds Says:

    Jeśli chodzi o odżywki to nie trzeba za bardzo się fokusować na bio bo i tak nakładamy id od wysokości ucha mniej więcej, raczej nie wsmarowujemy w skórę. Włosy poniekąd i tak są martwe więc ta odżywka nie przeniknie jakoś magicznie do naszych tkanek. Co innego szampony, farby, wcierki, które mają kontakt ze skórą.

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