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Property Developer

May 4, 2009

I’m doing a lot of translating work at the moment and I got stuck at the word Property Developer the other day. I was trying really hard but I couldn’t come up with the Swedish translation. I asked around at the office but I had to explain what it meant to be a Property Developer, and we all agreed that such an occupation didn’t exist in Sweden.

In England you can make a lot of money by calling yourself a Property Developer and buy a shabby property and do it up. But since there are no shabby properties in Sweden we therefore don’t have Property Developers.

I will tell you why: at the moment I’m having some renovation work done at my house. All of our outer windows have been taking down and shipped of to a factory where they will be taken good care of, while there will be some handy men sorting out our window frames.

I once again live without double glazing, but only for 3 weeks.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the windows, it’s just that we learnt in Sweden that if you maintain your home, it will last forever.

With renovation work like this there will never be a shabby property for a Property Developer to do up in Sweden. But not to worry there will always be tones of work in England.

And now I would like to share this little renovation story with you, it takes part in England. Where else?

Once upon a time a pair of good looking Swedish girls was sharing a flat in London. Being Swedish they paid quite a lot of money to be able to live in a nice flat (English standard). So they where living there doing their things but quite quickly both of them started to feel unwell, lots of colds and just feeling miserable.

After some time they could see lots of big damp patches on the walls. They called the landlord who came over with a bucket of paint. His solution to the damp = paint it over. Only in England my friends, only in England.