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England – a mould trap

July 12, 2009

I was just flickering through the TV channels and found this lovely little documentry called “Our House – a mould trap”.

Probably not the funniest program but it made me smile and think about when I was lying on my sofa back in London watching property programs. Here in Sweden we have the occasional property program but they are more about interior designs rather then doing up houses, as all our properties are as you know in pristine conditions.

Today’s program was called “Is it safe to return home?”

And just listen to the synopsis of the program: “The nerve-racking process goes on and the families in the mould infested houses are waiting for the local authorities decisions on how to move forward. In seven programs we follow four families whose houses are infested with mould”.

HAHAHA! Isn’t funny? It’s like a scary movie.

Bear this in mind the next time you judge a Swede for having a hissy fit about the mould in their home/office/hotel room/GP surgery/shop etc. We were brought up to believe mould is something very dangerous and just the thought about mould is nerve-racking. Give us a break, will you?

I remember myself arriving at halls of resident at uni, going to the janitor’s office asking them to decontaminate my bathroom as I had so much mould in there I could scrape it off the walls. They then hurled abuse at me for being an international student coming to their country and complain about everything. Yes, it was nerve-racking.

A program like ‘Our house – a mould trap’ would never be made or aired in England, or even watched.

I can see the Brits sitting in their sofas eating take aways, watching telly, and wondering why these families are leaving their homes. At the same time they reach for their asthma inhalers as it feels a bit hard to breathe. They don’t even notice the smell of damp as they have air fresheners plugged-in in every socket to make the house smell of cheap perfume.

Brits would never make a bloody TV documentary about something as normal as mould. Buy an air freshener and the problem is solved!

For sale (/for Meghan)

July 4, 2009

I was reading the paper in bed this morning and found a rather interesting article about Swedish behaviour when buying houses. There are three things that would stop us buying a house no matter how much we loved it:

1. Mould
2. Damp
3. Pests

I guess that rules out every house in England.