God jul

It will be my first Christmas in Sweden for a very long time, this time with my own family. And I’m wondering if the Brits will miss me this year when I’m not there. My guess: I think they will.

This year it will all happen on the 24th, as there is really no other day to celebrate Christmas. No turkey, no stuffing, no mince pie and do I miss it? No.

This year the Queen’s speech will be swapped with some Disney cartoons, which we Swedes have watched since the 1960s, and we are still watching it every year at 3.15 pm. Sharp! I think it’s mandatory to watch it if you are a Swede. And you can imagine how I feel this year when I haven’t been able to watch it for a few years. I’m counting the hours. Donald Duck beets the Queen every time!

In Sweden Santa actually comes and visits you at home and hands out your presents, in person. It might explain why he gets to England one day too late. Too ashamed to show his face, he comes down the chimney, drop the presents and then off again. You poor sods!

As it’s Christmas time Love Actually is of course on telly here in Sweden and I know you Brits are watching it too, I was there last year and watched it with you.

I added a new dimension this year: sobbing my eyes out whilst watching the film which reminded me of the city I used to be part of. I cried cos I didn’t go to Selfridges this year to do my Christmas shopping (well I can’t say I didn’t have the chance as I was there just three weeks ago, but too hangover to live, and had to go back to the hotel and sleep. Not a proud moment), I cried because I miss hearing the British accent and I cried because I realised it was love, actually.

When I was done watching Love actually, I went to bed and put The Holiday in the DVD. I thought I might as well. I was on a British-Christmas-drama-comedy-roll.

The Holiday made me think of when I wanted to move to Shere where the film is set, when we drove to Godalming to have a look, with our hearts set on Surrey. It was all just one year ago. One tiny little year. And now I just want to cut myself out, throw myself in to Mr Law’s arms and celebrate Christmas in a cottage in Surrey with him!

-Why did you move back to Sweden? A tall dark handsome Swede with black skinny jeans asked me yesterday.

Oh they do come in all sorts of trendy looks over here, but they can’t quite get that casual country look that Mr Law does so well.

And why did I move back, I’m now asking myself with Mr Law fresh in mind.

I get that question a lot together with do I miss London and I always take a deep breath before I answer and say “yes I do” but then very quickly add “but I love it here in Sweden too”.

My Swedish friend has allowed me to move back to England if Jonathan Rhys Myers asks me to, but only then. I think I’m going to ask for permission if Jude Law happens to ask the same question.

2 Responses to “God jul”

  1. Mary Says:

    I hereby allowe you to say yes to Mr Jude Law if he asks you the right question…God Jul..

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