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The goodbye

June 30, 2009

It’s obvious that one hasn’t got enough inspiration writing about the English lifestyle whilst living in the glorious Sweden. Therefore this will be the last thing I write on this blog.

I remember when I started this blog, it was a life ago in my bed in London, and now I’m ending it in my bed in Stockholm.

Back then this blog helped me in a lot of ways as there was no one around me to understand what I was going through. The culture shock that came with moving to England hit me so hard I’m still in therapy.

If you where moving to a remote village in Africa where people live in huts you wouldn’t expect humanitarian living standards. But when you are taking your belongings on a plane for two hours to a United Kingdom you do expect this.

It was love at first sight. It was love that kept me in England and it was the love for oneself that made me leave.

My hopes, dreams and the life I wanted are continuing in England without me there. And of course this hurts, to know that it only took five minutes to erase five years. It was like I was never there.

But I was there.

So thank you England for Pimm’s, Tattler and Day Nurse! What would my life be with out it?