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June 19, 2008

I’m off to the archipelago again. This time I’m going to dance around a giant penis dressed in birch leaf and flowers. The dance of my choice will be “Little frogs”. I’m going to sleep on seven different types of flowers and dream about my future husband. I’ll probably also be very drunk.

Happy midsummer!


June 9, 2008

This was the weekend when it all made sense. This was the weekend when I truly understood there is nowhere I could ever live except Sweden. What was I thinking of leaving this country?!

The archipelago of Stockholm is the most beautiful place in the world. It’s no news but since I haven’t spent much time there the last couple of years I needed to be reminded of its beauty.

My dear friend Anna took care of this and invited me to her lovely summer house on one of the archipelago’s 30000 islands (yes 30000).

I packed my bikini, took my sailing coat and Superga shoes and off we went. The archipelago look is very important.

To have a summer house (2nd home) is very Swedish, to have it on an island in the archipelago is as Swedish as it gets. And you want it to be old and rural. Often there won’t be a bathroom or hot water inside the house. The loo will be in a shed at the back. In Sweden we think of this as being a cute country house style and we want it to be this way. In England it would be your average living standard.

The weather has been amazing this weekend. We’ve been lying in the sun and swimming in the sea. I have missed it so much. When its summer I need to have the option to go for a swim, and when you live in London you don’t have this option. The river Thames never appealed to me for some reason. Now I can even go for a swim outside my own house in the city.

A question I get quite regularly is why I decided to move back to Sweden, and when I found myself on a big luxurious sailing boat with very nice company, sipping red wine next to a pair of Tod’s (shoes), looking at the sunrise, listening to the sound of water as we where gliding through the water I told them: “this is the reason why I moved back. You can’t get this in England”.

That is a fact!