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June 25, 2007

I’ve been to paradise (Sweden). It was lovely in paradise. I recommend everyone to go to paradise. Off you go!

A very, very dark place

June 3, 2007

I had to call out Rentokil again this morning. Lovely Pat came again. I do love him but wish I didn’t have to see him on a daily basis.

Boyfriend saw a mouse in the communal hallway outside our door and I could hear them under the floor. So now we have 5 more bait boxes, 2 more in our flat under the floorboards and 3 outside in the hallway. Aren’t we lucky?!

There is nothing more fun then splashing out on mice poison at the weekend (£300). Please can we do it again next weekend? It so much fun!

The flat will be easy to sell. Sweden is only 2 hours away.

I might see you very soon!

Enough is enough!

June 2, 2007

Last night just when the lights were turned off and I slowly started to dream I woke up wondering why my boyfriend had gone downstairs to sort out the recycling. I opened my eyes and there he was lying next to me, he hadn’t sorted the recycling… I heard this rattling noise from the recycling bag. I thought I must be dreaming but I wasn’t asleep and I could still hear it. It was a sound I had indeed heard before.

I turned on the lights and as expected the noise stopped. I woke up and said:

-I think there are mice in our recycling bag can you please throw it away. I was half asleep.

I looked down and couldn’t see anything. Boyfriend went downstairs and I went back to sleep.

When he came back I asked him if he’d seen anything and he said no and I thought maybe I was wrong.

This morning my boyfriend went up at 8. I followed him soon after since the neighbours downstairs are decorating their flat and were making a racket. I wasn’t very happy since it was Saturday morning and I do like my lie-ins.

My boyfriend said to me straight away that he thought we should check all the wire wool that Rentokil put down last year to see if it was still in place. I wasn’t too bothered and said if we had mice again we need to call Rentokil.

Then he said:

-I have a confession to make. I saw a mouse last night. He knew if he told me the night before there would have been no sleep.

I started to cry, my mouth got all dry and I could feel the panic. I went in to an I-must-get-rid-of-the-mice-mode. With tears running down my face I opened the lap top and typed in and got the phone and called them. I was crying down the phone not because the first visit was going to cost £150 but because my life hit rock bottom once again. If they had said the call out charge would be 1 million, I would have paid.

I was asked if I had an account with them and I said I didn’t know but that we had used them a year ago.
-Have we been in your flat after that?
-You won’t have an account with us then as that is for people that we’re visiting regulary.
Would I still be living here if I had a membership with Rentokil? Would I? OF COURSE NOT!

I was told a pest controller was going to call me shortly. I hung up and I burst in to a hysterical crying session.

Then I realised we are having two friends from Sweden coming to stay tonight which made everything a bit complicated. The plan was that two people would sleep on the floor. The same floor as the mice had taken over. The floor that the mice thought it was ok to walk on. Well it’s not ok!

To be honest I didn’t even know if they still wanted to come. I sent a text and told them about the problem and got a text back saying “no worries see you soon”.

After on hour my hero came. Pat! I love Pat. He found a big hole in one of the corners which he filled with wire wool. He put out 4 boxes with poison, one on the doormat to Mr & Mrs Mice, one close to the bin, one under the oven and one out on one of our windowsills. He also found a big hole in the outside wall just next to our window, which he also filled with wire wool.

We all went downstairs to the empty flat under us. No sign of mice but he went outside to the patio asking:

-What’s behind that wall?
-It’s the lift shaft.

He opened the door and it was like finding a treasure after a long treasure hunt. There it was! I didn’t look but listen as he was telling me there were a lot of big holes in the wall and also a lot of mice dropping everywhere. More boxes with poison were put down and I felt a bit relived. This meant that they now know where the mice is coming from ad they can KILL THEM ALL!!! KILL, KILL, KILL!!! I HAD ENOUGH!!!!

Pat told me not to be scared of the mice and reassured me that the mice are more afraid of me. I told him that I’m not scared of them I just find them extremely disgusting.

-Mice are not dirty animals. They are not too bad to have. Rat on the other side is much worse.

Well the day a rat enter my home will be the day I won’t even cry or be hysteric. I will just pack Devil (my soft toy dog I have had since I was a child) and my passport. I will call a taxi and go straight to Heathrow buy a single ticket to Sweden and never look back. Ever!

Last year I didn’t think twice about having bread in a drawer as the though of mice never crossed my mind. For the same reason I feel very strange today writing this, as I never thought I would have to go through it again.

I did freak out and cried but I was calmer today compared to last year. Last year it felt more like I was in a situation I couldn’t get out off. I still feel dirty, disgusted and angry that I have to go through this, and pay for it. But I knew what to do and I’m ok being in the flat. Last year I didn’t even want to stay 5 minutes and my eyes was constantly looking at the floor searching for mice.

I now know that mice won’t come out during the day as they can feel we are here. I’m so f-ing educated about mice and there habits I’m not even that bothered this time. Does that mean I’m almost English?

Sleeping is another issue.

Boyfriends text to his brother this morning:
“The dreaded mice are back! Probably startled by work going on downstaris. Lisa was upset at first but has regained control. Retokil are due any min now. Timing is real bad as we’re due to sleep on the floor tonight! Do you have any spare beds this weekend? As might need to relocate Lisa”.

The brother will stay with his girlfriend so we can use his room. I told him later today when he dropped by that he can never move far away from us (he only lives down the road).

God, Jesus, Spirits, Angels, Aliens, Prime minister or whoever runs the universe, can you please stop making my new life in England so hard? I honestly can’t take it anymore. Please, please stop. No more mice. Mice live in the woods people live in flats. Wire wool is for cleaning dirty pans. People don’t like sharing their home with mice, at least not the Swedes. Please spare all emigrated Swedes out there any more mice situation.