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04:23 am

May 31, 2008

Drunk dialing is my favorite English word. I think its great there is a word for this behavior in the English language. It’s so useful.

We don’t have a word for it in Swedish but we are good at pulling “5 to 5” by which we mean to pull someone desperately before the club is closing.

I got drunk dialed last night by someone who probably was combining his “5 to 5” with a bit of drunk dialing.

Drunk dialing is cute! To pull someone 5 to 5: not so much…

North mälarbeach

May 26, 2008

Way back in 93, or maybe it was 2004 when I moved in to what I then thought was the cutest flat in London, it took some time to settle down. It took about 4 ½ years end then it was time to move again.

On the very first day when I walked in to the flat the drama stared. To make a 5 day long story short: no hot water, boiler behind wall with no access, take down wall, having cowboy electrician flooded the flat, me having a break down, crying, checking in to a hotel, kicking out the cowboy electrician, find a new electrician and a plumber, find a builder, build a new wall, rob a bank and pay for it. Take a shower (with no pressure).

That’s how my London life started. Very traumatic.

This time I just walked in to the flat, no drama, and now I’m living happily ever after.

Every morning the sight of the water and the sun hits me. It’s a perfect way to start a day and indeed a new life.