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January 31, 2007

AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! Bad customer service is haunting me.

Here is the story:

I was on the phone with BT.
BT: We will give you this new superduper wireless broadband and telephone equipment for free because we like you so much. We will post it to you.
Me: thank you very much, BT!
BT: you are welcome. You are such a lovely customer. We love you.

One week later:
A big white box from BT arrived. It was a superduper wireless broadband hub but no superduper phone ☹

I call BT:
Me: Hi BT where is my superduper phone?
BT (call centre in India): Hello Miss Su, ehh… Miss Sundqvahahaah… Can I call you Lisa?
Me: yes you can (because I’m Swedish and not used to be called Miss Sundkvist anyway. We stopped using titles 500 years ago. We moved on.)
BT: we don’t have any phones we are out of stock but I can send you a replacement phone.
Me: replacing what? I don’t have anything to replace. Hence my phone call.
BT: we don’t have any phones we are out of stock but I can send you a replacement phone (they are reading it from a screen and if you ask a question they don’t have the answer to on their computer, they will read you the same answer again. FUN!)
Me: ok thanks. Bye.
I call BT again hoping an operator in England will take my call, and I’m lucky.

Just for the record and because of recent Big Brother incidents: I like India. My mum and sister are there now. I love India. It just don’t think it’s the best place to have your call centre when your customers are in the UK. VERY, VERY VERY, VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. BAD BT!

Anyway the phone call:
BT: how can I help you mis Sund, miss su, miss Sundkeh… Can I call you Lisa?
Me: yes you can. Where is my phone?
BT: Oops we forgot to send it we will send it now. (see different answer if you talking to someone in UK that doesn’t have to read answers from a screen)

And yesterday I finally received the phone. It looks like this:


This wireless phone is crap!

Anyway I’ve just been to the phone again telling them they sent me a leaflet and not a superduper phone. They are very, very sorry for messing up once again. But I understand.. we all know how hard it is to tell the difference between a leaflet and a phone! There is a lesson to learn: if it fits in an envelope, its not a phone!

BT, I’m very sorry too: I have a superduper degree in Customer Services and will make you pay!!

BT will call me tomorrow to let me know when I will receive my new phone. Yeah right! If BT calls me tomorrow I’m going to go up early on Saturday (which I hate)!

To all my Swedish friends out there: I haven’t forgotten about you. I’ll call you when I get my new phone. If I never call you again its not my fault. Call BT!

BT I don’t love you!

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January 30, 2007

S for sugar, u n d for david, k v for victory i s for sugar, t for tommy