Plus one

I’ve given birth to a new Swede. He is of course named after our king. As you would expect he is gorgeous; blond, blue eyed and tall as all Swedes are. He is the apple of my eye.

I’m now enjoying one year of paid maternity leave. In the land of equality my hubby will continue with his paternity leave for another six months when I go back to work. Of course fully paid as well.

Did I mention the sun is shining too?

4 Responses to “Plus one”

  1. willena Says:

    oh, the sun is shining-what, from 11:30-15:30?

  2. Lisa Says:

    Too right Willena, too right.

  3. Fio Says:

    Hi Lisa!
    I find myself in such a similar situation as you have been in. Living in England now and find it all so frustrating sometimes. Would love to talk to you some more about it. Ha det gott! Fio

  4. Lisa Says:

    I’m all ears.

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