Eurovision Song Contest

I’m wondering if I’ll be the only one in England watching the Eurovision Song Contest tonight.

Two years ago I missed it as it wasn’t advertised very much over here. I took it very hard. Still this day it is hard to think that 2005 is like a blank Eurovision Song Contest year for me.

As a true Swede I have bought crisp (crisps in Sweden is not a meal it’s a snack we eat when we watch something great on TV), dip and coca cola. I will have a mini festival fest tonight on my own.

In Sweden we have quarterfinals as one evening with great songs and entertaining is not enough. We love Eurovision Song Contest. If you are a child this is the type of program your parents would allowed you to stay up late and watch.
There is a Swedish (gay) man that knows all the songs from all the Eurovision Song Contest. If you say a country and a year he will start singing the song. How cool is that?!



2 Responses to “Eurovision Song Contest”

  1. fitartist Says:

    Woo-hoo, Eurovision! Edward doesn’t let me watch it 😦 I think people in the UK do enjoy it, but are a bit embarrassed because we always do so badly! I know a few friends who are fans…

  2. Lisa Says:

    Next year I will invite you to a Swedish style Eurovision Song Contest party. Looking forward to it.

    This year I had 3 of my Swedish friend “live” via MSN and we where all watching a really bad Eurovision Song Contest together.

    I missed DJ Bobo (Switzerland) and his vampires. See I can admit it. I like bad music.

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