Washing up

This morning:

Boyfriend: save some water for my shower.
Me: I’m washing up!

We can’t have a shower and wash up at the same time. Or you can if you want but then it will be a rather unpleasant experience for the person in the shower. It will be a cold experience and a very hot experience for the person in the kitchen washing up.

We added one extra hour on the timer to the boiler because if it’s not a lot of hot water in the tank there will be no pressure in the shower. And we don’t have a lot of pressure to start of with. You can’t win!

Washing up is another thing they do differently here. Since there is only on sink in kitchen they don’t rinse the dishes. The English way of washing up is to put the dishes in the rack covered in washing up liquid. Yummy!

Next time you have your dinner try and spice it up with some washing up liquid! Well it’s the same as eating on plates where the washing up liquid hasn’t been rinsed off.

One Response to “Washing up”

  1. fitartist Says:

    I find Ecover rather tasty.

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