Money, money, money

I was 25 when I received my first chequebook. WOW my very own chequebook!

I’m from a country where chequebooks died out a very very long time ago. I don’t even think my mum used cheques. I’m 29 by the way.

Lets say Steve owes me money:
1. Steve writes a cheque and posts it to me
2. Steve needs to find an envelope at home and go to the corner shop and buy a stamp
3. Steve post the cheque to me
4. I receive the cheque about 2 days later (or never, depends on the mood of Royal Mail)
5. I then have to go to the bank but don’t have the time to go straight away
6. Eventually I go to the bank I have to queue for my entire lunch hour (as everyone else goes to the bank on their lunch too). I give the cheque to the bank, they stamp it and then it takes THREE days before the money is in my account. THREE DAYS!

Where are the money under those three days when they left Steve’s account but not yet landed in mine? Are they in a drawer in the bank?
What if Steve owed me £1000000? Think about the interest I could earn during those three days?

Göran owes me some money:
1. Göran goes to his computer, he log in to his Internet bank transfer money in to my account and the very same second he press enter the money is in my account.

Not three days, not even three seconds! Isn’t that fantastic?! Is like magic isn’t it?

And if Göran doesn’t have Internet he will go to the bank and the bank will transfer the money, right in front of Göran that very second. Marvellous!

I can transfer money from my Swedish bank account to my English bank account over Internet all by myself. Its almost like if I was working for the bank. When I asked my English bank how I could do it over here they gave me a pile of paper to fill in and asked for £20 and told me it was going to take 10 working days before the money was in Sweden. COME ON!

And what’s this weird thing that you need to bring a gas bill to open a bank account? I had to have a letter from my university saying which course I took, a bill, my passport, my family photo album, something old, something blue etc. I just wanted to set up a bank account. Is that so bad?
For all the banks out there: you want to have customers, it’s a good thing. Don’t scare them away asking them for weird things. And please realise cheques is a waste of paper and our time.

I will let you know when IT comes to this country.

2 Responses to “Money, money, money”

  1. sand1 Says:

    I love the title of this blog. I am not a snob, I am a Norwegian. Same thing. As for Sweden, let’s face it, they’re ahead of us in a lot of ways, universal health care, etc.. Norway too. Interesting blog by the way.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Thank you for the nice comments on my blog.

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